Winter Survival Course
Photo: M. Charlie Thompson
Summer Survival
Photo: M. Charlie Thompson
No matter what your level of proficiency is,
Nor' Country Survival can help you reach your goals.
Nor' Country Survival specializes in survival kits and associated equipment, survival
training and instruction, as well as disaster / emergency preparedness consulting.  Our
survival equipment and instructional services offer something suitable to all levels of
experience.  All of our survival equipment has been developed / field tested and
approved by our senior instructor, M. Charlie Thompson.  Thompson believes that all
law-abiding citizens should be operating at an unparalleled state of readiness and self
reliance as well as being ready to go the distance at a moment's notice.
You owe it to yourself and those depending on you to have the
skills and equipment you need to not only survive, but to prevail.
Are you prepared to go the distance?  
Are you prepared for information like this?
There is a certain amount of fate in every situation; however fate seems to favor those
who are prepared.  This is not about luck, this is about having the skills and equipment to
come out on top.  This is about being armed with the appropriate knowledge and
equipment related to survival and disaster situations.
Every single person should be prepared to take care of themselves, their families and their
friends should a survival or disaster situation occur.  Survival and disaster situations can
occur with some forewarning or happen quite unexpectedly.  One thing all people can do
to prepare themselves for an event such as this is to be armed with knowledge, plans and
necessary equipment.
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Always plan for, and think of your Skills, Supplies and Situation...
Pathway 2 Preparedness - 12 Week Course
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